‘Rise above’ is simply a statement, while being a call to action, alertness, taking care and preservation of our environment as well as our minds, as the essential elements we can control. We are a small part of biodiversity, remember though we are here. Not only to survive, appreciate and bask in the natural simplicity but to actively protect it, reconnect with it and coexist.

Look at my photographs, not just as landscape images from a distant perspective, rather as a metaphorical reflection on yourself. 

My work depicts organic, illustrative, breathing nature turned into a still life. These photographs are nature portraits soaked with expressions. They are still alive. Printed on textured paper makes the invisible visible. That texture transforms our perception. 

These photographs illustrate the comparison of flying in a helicopter to my mind rising above in peaceful and silent meditation. I physically rose above to metaphorically illustrate the ‘rising above’. 

Only when we rise, we can see the true shapes and patterns or the clearer purpose of our existence. By rising above, we are rewarded with truth, reality and depth. Once I rose, I understood that it all works, fits and coexists, effortlessly. It is an organized perfection and a beautiful representation of natural habitat, which in the grand scheme of all, we are ONE. 

No matter where you are on our Mother Earth, how near or far, above or below, it is our home, a mutual paradise, a haven of natural beauty worth preserving, in sync with our minds. Through the focus of my lens, feeling the vast sense of scale,  it is from this immersion I  bring these images to you as my collective representation.  Yes, while taken from a helicopter,  they could have also been captured from under a microscope.  Enjoy the journey.  

Gabriela Girova

ULTIMA HORA 22. July 2020.


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