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Full MATED Brief One of the most important steps in puzzling together all the different parts that I had learned during the 1st Moves and 2nd Steps (taking over the full responsibility in order to fly solo, achieving and completing the Private Pilot License) was creating the full navigation planning in short time and with high accuracy. […]


Start to read this book EARLY! From the 2nd week, my instructor asked me every day: “Have you started to read “Navigation?” – “No, not yet.” – “You should really start it. You improve well in Airfield Work & Handling Exercises and if you don’t start now, we will have to take a break. Navigation flights […]


The First Time This morning we started with the A-Check, also known as Pre-Flight. Again, there is a checklist to work through. This involves walking around the helicopter with the checklist and having a closer look at all the different parts. Chris explains how they are all connected and exactly what they do. There is a lot of […]