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The Briefing starts at … This Sunday morning, it’s a little cloudy with a partially blue sky, we start the briefing for emergency engine failure. Firstly, the instructor explains how we start the exercise. After we reach the altitude of 2,000 feet, he will take over the same checks that I would normally do for […]


Day 3 – First Autorotation The third day starts with the new usual routine, an intense briefing and how could it be different than yesterday. I am again surprised by what the instructor comes up with this time: “Basic Autorotations”. Before reading << Myth #1 “If the engine of a helicopter stops – you fall from the […]


Book Advice for Pilots starting “From_Zero” After my trial lesson, I could not wait to start my training and googled to find some former students telling stories about their training. I did not find a lot, that was one of the reasons I started this website. Instead, I found this book on Amazon – it is not part of the […]