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SCOUT Paramotor for €4500 (Original Price €8500 – only 5 flights). Quasi-new condition with an entire package of extras for traveling and maintenance, including rescue parachute and water rescue system.

OZONE Wing for €900 (Original Price €3800 – only 5 flights)

Radio Headset-Helmet for €290 (Original Price €950 – Never used, original Packing)

Flymaster GPS/VARIO  for €190 (Original Price €360 – Never used, original Packing)


PARAMOTOR incl. Extras / € 4500.- (Original Price €8'500.-)

SCOUT One Carbon Paramotor with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY ́19, 61 hours  Original Price: €6’500

Additional Extras included worth €2’000:

  • Reserve Parachute Q2 160 Cross Parachute / € 790
  • Water Rescue system complete / €180
  • SCOUT magic cover / €99.-
  • Travel bag for paramotor / €320
  • Carbon Repair Kit / €18
  • Moster Plus MY ́19 MS maintenance kit 100h / €260

Exact Description from Manufacture

SCOUT One Carbon with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY ́19, 61 hours (Demo#1) (Carbon (matte)

Vittorazi Moster Plus MY19 Manual start, standard M/L, left hand, SCOUT carbon fixed pitch
propeller, 12 liter, pre-loved with warranty

Previous Use & Original Loogbok and Warranties

  1. The Paramotor was used as Demo on a guided Scout Trip in Iceland and was flown by Paramotor Hero and famous Youtuber Tucker Gott.
  2. After the Trip, the engine was completely overhauled by Scout including the replacement of all Carbon Frames Parts. All Flights are officially declared in Logbook including the original Scout Warranty. 
  3. Myself, I flew the paramotor without any accident or issues in Mallorca for only 5 hrs! I am giving up Paramotor due to an unexpected Helicopter Job. This has changed my time management and I am not able to pursue this fantastic hobby.
  4. The official customer support of Scout has committed to help to sell the paramotor and answer any questions since it is in quasi NEW CONDITION.

WING - OZONE ROADSTER 3 / €900.- (Original Price €3'800.-)

OZONE Roadster 3 is a modern, ideal Beginner to Advanced Wing. It includes all the latest Safety Features important for Beginners to intermediate Pilots. Offering the dynamics to develop the pilot’s skills to Advanced Levels.

SIZE: The Wing is 24m2 which is ideal for pilots weighing between 75-90 Kg taking into account the additional roughly 20-25Kg of the Paramotor itself.

Previous Use

The Wing was brand new when I bought in 2020 and I have flown it for 5 Flights. It is in perfect condition without any scratches.

NVOLO - RADIO-HEADSET HELMET / €290.- ( Original Price €950.-)

NVOLO CARBON HELMET – White matte Carbon Helmert SIZE M with a built-in headset prepared to connect to aeronautic system radio, bluetooth system and GoPRO audio connection.


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