In order to prepare smooth operation of your flight  we need  following information from every passenger prior to the day of flight: 



– Arrive ca. 15 minutes before your flight.
DON’T FORGET your passport or your ID.
– Bring sunglasses.


– max 240 kg – for full Helicopter (max 3 passenger).
– max 120 kg – per passengers.

NO REFUND – In case a flight cannot be operated due to incorrect weight information.




What happens if there are weather concerns?

In the event of bad weather that prevents Helimallorca from operating the tour, our passengers have the ability to cancel and receive a full refund or reschedule their travel to the next available flight for no additional cost.

Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

Helimallorca has a 48-hour cancellation policy. You have up until 48 hours before your flight departure to make any changes or cancellations. Changes or cancellations are not permitted within 48 hours of your flight departure. No-shows will be charged in full with no refunds.

What do I need to bring?

Guests over 18 must bring valid photo identification for check-in. Cameras and video cameras are recommended, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen based on the flight type and the time of year. Comfortable clothing and shoes are highly recommended.

Can my child sit on my lap?

No. The law requires a separate seat for each individual passenger.

Can a child / minor fly unaccompanied?

Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied on the flight by an adult.

Why do you need to know my weight?

Flights are planned based on the weights of our passengers. This information is necessary in order for us to balance the aircraft prior to your flight. Customers are responsible for providing accurate weights when booking a reservation. Customers will be weighed at check-in and if their actual weight far exceeds their declared weight, they may be removed from their flight without refund. Please provide this information in kilograms.

How can I fly in the front seat(s)?

Seating assignments are based on weights and balance for the flight and are determined by the weight of all passengers traveling. While we can document your request to occupy the front seat, we can not guarantee.

I did not receive my email confirmation.

Check your junk email. It is important that info@helimallorca.com is added to your address book so that you receive any booking information or other important emails regarding your flight. If you should not receive an email within 24 hours of your flight, we suggest contacting us directly on +34659877260

What are the terms and conditions of your tours?

The maximum weight limit per person is 130kg. and the total passenger weight on the helicopter may not exceed 240 kg. (3 passengers). Guests over the weight limit will be required to purchase 2 seats. Children over the age of 2 yrs. will be required to purchase a seat.

I’m in a wheelchair. Can I still take a Helimallorca tour?

Yes. You must be accompanied by someone who can assist you with boarding and disembarking the aircraft. Our ground crew will look after the wheelchair while you are on board.

Can pregnant women fly?

Yes, pregnant women fly with Helimallorca often. Thought, we always recommend checking with your doctor first.

If I occasionally suffer from motion sickness, will I have a problem during the flight?

Motion sickness bags are located onboard the aircraft in the seat back pockets in case you need them. Always discuss your health issues with your pilot prior to the flight, so he can take necessary action and fly you back as soon as you feel uneasy.

Can I bring a beverage on the flight?

Bottled water is the only beverage allowed to be consumed on the aircraft during flight.

Can I smoke during the tour?

Smoking is prohibited onboard the aircraft and on the ramp.
You are only allowed to smoke outside the gates.

Can I take pictures of the aircraft?

You may take a picture of our helicopter. All the other aircrafts are private and it is prohibited to take pictures of them, on the ramp or in the hangar.

Do pilots accept tips?

Pilot gratuities are accepted and appreciated.

What happens in case of an engine failure?

The pilot switches to so-called “autorotation”, whereby the main propeller continues to turn by means of air moving up through the rotor, so the helicopter is still manoeuvrable and can be landed safely on any free surface. Pilots are highly trained for these maneuvers.

Can I take pictures on board?

Yes, thought use common sense. Do not stick your phone or a camera through a window. The risk of it flying out of your hand is high! Helicopter moves at about 180km/h. The item, could damage the tail rotor which would have serious consequences.

Do you allow bags and backpacks on flights?

In order to create an awe-inspiring experience for all of our passengers, bags are not permitted on our flights. You may keep your personal belonging securely stored away in our office.

Can I exit the aircraft as soon as it lands?

Passengers are prohibited from touching the doors of the aircraft unless given instruction to do so by the pilot. The pilot will open and close all aircraft doors.

What is the best time of day to fly?

We offer flights throughout the day starting at 9am until 5pm. Depending on the season and opening hours of the Son Bonet Airfield.

Do you have any overnight tours?

No, Helimallorca or any other operator at Son Bonet does not offer overnight tours.

Can we wait until arriving to Mallorca to reserve our seats?

We suggest making your reservation at least two weeks ahead of time so you can ensure the date and time you want is available. Should you wait until you get to Mallorca, we may or may not have seating available.

Do you offer group discounts?

Group rates start at 21 or more passengers. If you’re interested in booking a group reservation, please contact our directly on +34659877260.

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