I highly appreciate your interest in my photography and my personal perspective. It is indeed a different world up there. Once you have risen above the earth surface you understand the connection between the land and us humans, and how we fit into it all.

My ‘Land portraits’ are a series of still lifes of the Mallorca landscape. The earth is dark, my tool is light and my goal is enlightenment.

If you find my artwork inspiring and want to add a touch of Mallorquin essence  to your home, together we can help you choose just the right image for you.

Let’s meet in person to discuss your interior options, create helpful visual mockups including interior photography and finally fill that space on your wall. 

My photograhpy will add a touch of design to your space and connect you to the beauty of Mallorca from a higher level.

Feel free to contact me for a personalised photography consultancy in person.