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The First Time This morning we started with the A-Check, also known as Pre-Flight. Again, there is a checklist to work through. This involves walking around the helicopter with the checklist and having a closer look at all the different parts. Chris explains how they are all connected and exactly what they do. There is a lot of […]


Day 3 – First Autorotation The third day starts with the new usual routine, an intense briefing and how could it be different than yesterday. I am again surprised by what the instructor comes up with this time: “Basic Autorotations”. Before reading << Myth #1 “If the engine of a helicopter stops – you fall from the […]


Day 2 The second day has started and the briefing is significantly longer, the really serious training has started. And, I am totally surprised that the instructor starts explaining to me in detail what I have to consider during my first attempts to “hover”. I had expected this part to start in a few weeks, or, let’s […]


These books cover everything to complete the PPL(H); all exams & information for all flights. Sometimes they cover even more than really needed for PPL(H) exams. I found all of them really well-written, more or less easy to understand and straight forward for a total beginner. This is with the exception of Air Law, I’ve read thousands of […]


Three months after my trial lesson I was back in Goodwood. In the meantime, I had decided to completely give up my former profession and change my dedication in life towards – Helicopter! The first briefing is not very long, it is more or less a repetition of what I had heard during the trial lesson. But from […]